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Institutional Projects

Tectonics Architects specializes in designing functional and innovative institutional buildings, enhancing community spaces


Fostering a love of learning is at the heart of our educational design philosophy. We create inspiring learning environments for students of all ages, encompassing not just classrooms and libraries, but also specialized laboratories, media centers, and collaborative learning spaces that promote engagement and success.

  • Dynamic Learning Hubs: Designing flexible classrooms to accommodate various learning styles.
  • Playgrounds of Discovery: Creating safe and engaging playgrounds.
  • Tech-Integrated Classrooms: Integrating technology to support modern education.
  • Inclusive Education Spaces: Ensuring accessibility for all students.

functional healthcare facilities

Our team designs functional healthcare facilities that prioritise patient well-being and operational efficiency, resulting in a healing atmosphere that benefits both patients and medical personnel.

  • Patient-Centered Sanctuaries: Developing patient-centered layouts for comfort and efficiency.
  • High-Tech Healing: Incorporating advanced medical technologies seamlessly.
  • Serene Recovery Zones: Designing serene and healing environments.
  • Regulation-Compliant Facilities: Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and standards.

Community Centers

Public buildings play a vital role in fostering collaboration and community engagement. We design government buildings like council chambers and libraries, alongside community centers and cultural spaces, to be open, inclusive, and conducive to fostering a strong sense of community.

  • Versatile Community Halls: Creating multipurpose rooms for various activities.
  • Welcoming Public Spaces: Designing welcoming and inclusive public spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly Community Buildings: Incorporating sustainable building practices.
  • Engaging Social Hubs: Enhancing community engagement through thoughtful design.
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"Tectonics Architects designed our new school - a beacon in the community! Inviting spaces, love of learning fostered. Thank you!"

Wilfred Lynch
Wilfred Lynch

Operations Manager, Sunway Logistics pen_spark

Light-filled, efficient warehouse by Tectonics Architects! Decreased energy costs, smoother workflow. Great work!

David Chen
David Chen