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Swimming Pool & Landscaping

Tectonics Architects creates stunning outdoor environments, enhancing lifestyle and leisure.

Custom Swimming Pools

Custom swimming pools are a stunning and functional addition to any outdoor space, offering a range of options including pool design, luxury water features, decking.

1. Custom Pool Designs: Designing custom pools to fit any space.
2. Modern Pool Systems: Incorporating modern filtration and heating systems.
3. Safe Swimming Zones: Enhancing safety with non-slip surfaces and secure fencing.
4. Aesthetic Pool Features: Integrating aesthetic features like waterfalls and lighting.

Landscaping Design

Our team creates beautiful, functional landscapes that complement architecture, incorporate local plant selection, hardscaping design, and outdoor living areas, enhancing living space and connecting with nature.

1. Functional Garden Designs: Designing functional and beautiful outdoor spaces.
2. Sustainable Landscapes: Incorporating native plants for sustainability.
3. Outdoor Living Spaces: Creating outdoor living areas like patios and kitchens.
4. Effective Irrigation Solutions: Ensuring proper drainage and irrigation systems.

Outdoor Amenities

  • Recreational Outdoor Areas: Designing recreational areas like playgrounds and sports courts.
  • Comfortable Gathering Spaces: Incorporating seating and gathering spaces.
  • Aesthetic Pathways and Gardens: Creating aesthetic pathways and garden features.
  • Privacy-Enhancing Landscaping: Enhancing privacy and security with strategic planting.
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Tectonics Architects brought our dream hospital wing to life. They listened, designed brilliantly, and made the build smooth. It's perfect for patients and staff. A+!"

Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez


Modern, collaborative workspace? Tectonics Architects delivered! Open floor plan, innovative design - perfect for our tech startup.

Dane Aldred
Dane Aldred

CEO, Brad Fits